About Diamond Paws

Why the name? Well many months of pondering over a prefix, our personal likes and Ewe's in comparison with each others choices and hence the name was born. Don't know what the relevance is to the Diamonds? but certainly the paws had a fair influence with our artistic molding for the name. (Those of you familiar with the prefix registration process will understand where we are coming from when we mention the process of decisions for prefix names.)

We are breeders in Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and adhere strictly to the standards of breeding Stafford's. Excellent quality and good soundness and temperament are essential to our breeding goals.

About us? Well we are a regular normal fun loving family that became complete when we adopted our four legged variety child, yes another daughter making it five girls in the family.... Oh! sorry and one mustn't forget our only boy (the furry Persian anti Staffy kind!) ....Oh boy ;) and don't brothers and sisters fight like cat & dog! hehe pardon the pun!

Cat and Dog fighting image

Only now we (Champagne included) have decided it's time to even up the gender odds somewhat.

Champagne our cat (Click here to view pictures, opens in separate window)

We have Dad and Champagne, but then we have Mum, Brandy and the three sibling sisters, so it's time that a new addition be introduced to even up the males around here and ....... tada!!!

16th July 2001 we had a new arrival, the newest baby of the Diamond Paws group..... Braveheart!!.

Well actually he is a bit on the too teeny side just at the moment to be a fair competition to the girls, but he is growing bigger before our very eyes and we sit and gaze in his gorgeous wonder.

Brandy is three years old and a proud mum to her litter, and Braveheart will be groomed for showing. So soon he will be proudly entering the social scenes to learn his stuff for the up and coming events and hopefully you'll meet him someday too!!

Click here to view mum's (Hartlow Dizzy Dame) pedigree

Click here to view Ty's (Diamond Paws Braveheart) pedigree

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