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Please note: We are not veterinarians and do not claim to be. Nothing here is meant to replace what your raw diet veterinarian says. Always consult with your raw diet veterinarian first. Many of these links point to information on other sites and will open in a separate window.


Nature's Way of feeding (BARF)

This diet is sometimes referred to as BARF (Bones and Raw food OR Biological Appropriate Raw Food). There are many benefits of raw feeding and we believe in a diet that makes sense, promotes health and encourage all dog owners to do the same. However, finding a vet that supports or understands the raw diet is very hard as most vets only have the limited amount of knowledge they have been taught in veterinary school about dog nutrition. Most veterinary schools employ nutrition educators that work for or are supported by commercial pet food companies. How can students get proper nutritional training when they are being taught by commercial pet food companies whose very products are very unhealthy and contain poisonous preservatives?. If you want to know and understand more about commercial pet foods click here to find out more. You will be shocked by the information you read. After searching the net and talking to other breeders, we finally realized that we needed to get back to basics in dog nutrition. We came across the natural way of feeding: the BARF diet. Be careful when doing your own research as many sites and vets will say that feeding a raw meat diet is bad and dangerous. And we agree! However, the BARF diet is not just raw meat, but raw meat, raw bones (NEVER feed a dog cooked bones of any kind) and raw crushed vegetables. These things, together with some supplements make up the foundation of the BARF diet. We follow the BARF diet by Dr. Ian Billinghurst. We strongly recommend reading "The BARF Diet" and "Grow your pups with bones" by Dr. Ian Billinghurst. Please visit the links below to learn more about the BARF diet.


Our Menu Plan at Diamond Paws

BARF Adult Menu

BARF Puppy Menu


Raw Feeding Diets & Reference


Cleaning up after BARF

Switching to BARF

BARF Vegetable & Fruit List Ones to feed, ones to avoid

BARF Meat & RMB List Some suggestions

Dr. Ian Billinghurst The man who put BARF on the map

BARFWorld Home Page Dr. Billinghurst's official BARF web site

Raw Meaty Bones Analysis

Raw Meaty Bones By Dr. Tom Lonsdale

The Ultimate Diet By Kymythy R. Schultze

Volhard: Holistic - Dog Nutrition and Health

Switching To Raw - A Fresh Food Diet For Dogs That Makes Sense By Susan Johnson

BARF for Beginners - Most Frequently Asked Questions


BARF: A Step-by Step \how-to\ prepare raw food for dogs and cats.

Barfers Home Page

Goldens Adored Home of the BARF Pros & Cons web site

NaturalRearing Home Page

BARF Diet Home Page

Give your dog a bone home page

Clearview Raw Diet and BARF Page

Animal Protection Institute - Sample Diets

Holistic veterinary and optimum pet nutrition

BARF!!! Bones and Raw Food

Pet Nutrition and BARF

CANINE NUTRITION - Putting it all together

Open Directory - Recreation: Pets: Pet Food Preparation: BARF Diet

BARF pictorial

Is Raw Food Safe?

Trotmans BARF Page

Helpful Raw Food Related Links

Canine Raw Diet


Healthy Paws - Bones and Raw Food Diet

These 3 links are for a human but can be thought of in a dog diet as well, Make sure you read all parts of each article to get the "whole picture"

Is Cooked Food 'Toxic'? Comparing the Claims and the Evidence

Is Cooked Food Less Nutritious than Raw Food? What Science Says

Are 100% Raw-Food Diets Any Better than Mostly Raw?

What is BARF?

Raw Pet Food - The best food to feed your dog, cat, or other domesticated animal

B-Natural's Newsletter Spring 1999

Wellpet - Nutrition - Natural Diet - Is Raw Safe?

Does Your Dog BARF?



BARFing puppies
(see our puppy menu at the top of this page)

Raw Puppy Diet

BARFing Puppies


BARFing Cats

Blakkatz Cattery - A Natural Feline Diet (Part 1)

Feeding Cats for Maximum Health, Billinghurst way

Feline Future - cat food, care, and behavior

The Original Holisticat (TM) FAQ's - Raw Diets


BARF Raw Suppliers & Farmers

Rudolph's Rabbit Ranch - List of Meat Rabbit Breeders (US, Canada, Australia)

The Bunny Ranch (US)

Hare Today Gone Tomorrow (US)

Farm-To-You (Find US farmers close to you for fresh meat & veggies)

Eatwild (Find US & Canadian farmers close to you for fresh meat & veggies)

Peaceful Pastures (US)

Green Tripe (US)

Green Tripett Dogfood (US & Canada)

Halshan, Premium Raw Food (US)

NickyUsa, Inc. - Site Index (US)

SoCal BARF Co-Op Main Menu Southern California BARF Co-Op (US)

Farmers Market Online (US)

Rodentpro.com Frozen Feeder Rodents (International)

NR/BARF Supplier, Book, Practitioner Directory List (International)

Alternatives 4 Pets (Canada)

Rocky Mountain Game Meats Ltd. - Game Meat Supplier (Canada)

Garland Pet Meats (Australia)

Australian BARF suppliers list (Australia)

The BARF Shop. (Australia)

NR/BARF Supplier, Book, Practitioner Directory List (Canada & USA)


Supplements & Herbs

Articles on supplements & herbs

Weston A. Price Foundation (best site I have seen that explains vitamins and supplements, this is a must read site!)

The Canine Vitamin Advisor

ConsumerLab.com - Black Currant, Borage, Evening Primrose, and Flaxseed Oils: Sources of ALA and GLA (Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acids) review

Specific Conditions treatments for various medical conditions using supplements

United States Police Canine Association, Vitamin C and its role in Stress Management


Where to buy your supplements

Natural Supplements by Lew Olson (US)

Puritan's Pride Vitamins: Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements at Discount Prices (US)

Swanson Health & Vitamins (US)

iHerb.com (iHerb Ltd.), Health Information and More (US)

Herbal Remedies, Medicinal Herbs and Natural Remedies from Penn Herb Company, Ltd. (US)

Vet Products Direct (International)

Greenpet (Australia)

The Pet Supplies (Australia)


Pre-Made BARF Foods

(These are only a few sites that make a pre-made BARF diet. If you do not have the time to prepare a BARF diet yourself or unwilling to handle raw meat then these are a good alternative. These are not listed in any particular order. Also pay attention to the ingredients as well.)

BARFWorld Home Page (US, Canada & Australia)

Pat McKay, Inc (US)

Grandad's Pet Food (US)

Steve's Real Food For Pets (US)

Halshan, Premium Raw Food (US)

Welcome to Purely Primitives! (US)

Aunt Jeni's Home Made PUPPlements Holistic Dog Treats (US)

NRG Canine Natural Blend (US)

Welcome to Naturally Raw! (US)

Raw 4 Dogs (US)

Raw, Organic Food for Healthier Dogs & Cats. BARF Pet food (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) made by Nu Dimensions Nutrition, Inc. (US)

bones and raw food people (healthierpets.com) (US)

Omaspride (US)

Welcome to Purely Primitives! (US)

A Place for Paws (US)

Bravo Pet Food Home Page (US East Coast)

Health Connections 4 Life (US)

Columbia River Natural Pet Foods (US)

Pets 4 Life (Canada)

Raw Connections (Canada)

Amore Petfoods (Canada)

Far More Dog Food (Canada)

Natural Kravings (Canada)

The Ultimate Diet - Organic and Natural Dog and Cat Food (Canada)

Tollden Farms (Canada)

PAWS-itively Raw Foods (Canada)

The Doggie Dietician (Canada)

Alternatives 4 Pets (Canada)

Healthy Paws - Bones and Raw Food Diet (Canada)


Online BARF E-mail Lists

(These are only a few of many lists)


Yahoo! Groups : BARFWorld Dr. Billinghurst runs this list. Ask questions of him directly!

Yahoo! Groups : BARFprocon Pros & Cons - Great list! - Researched based

Yahoo! Groups : rawdiet

Yahoo! Groups : CarnivoreFeed-Supplier Find a BARF supplier

SmartGroups.com - BARFing K9s in Oz - Group Home List for Australian BARFers


Other Staffords and American Staffords who BARF

(If you wish your site to be added here please send us an email)

Max N Jay Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Mavrik Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Elizma's Homepage

Kimbastaff Staffords

Other Dog sites that BARF

(Listed in no particular order. If you wish your site to be added here please send us an email)

BARF Breeders List of raw feeding breeders

LorWin Shetland Sheepdogs

Freedom American Cocker Spaniels

Poetic Endings Chinese Cresteds

Kennel Von Lebenslust-Leonberger breeder

Three Star Pet Sitting Services | Why Feed Raw Dog is Border Collie cross and the cats, well they're loved very much!


Star Kennel - Portuguese Water Dogs and Lagotto Romagnolos

Sonia's Gang Tenterfield Terriers, Jack Russell Terrier, Australian Kelpie and a Saluki

Blairwick Dalmations

Retrievers etc. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Joyvnture Papillons

Pawcific Cardigans

Ultraz German Shepherds

Arrowstud Kennels Jack Russell Terriers and Maremma Sheepdogs


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